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Ray Birch Homes is a family business, building custom homes for 25 years. Santa Fe being the natural style for the Old Pueblo, Birch Homes has taken the art of constructing the Santa Fe style home to a new level.

With Ray Birch and Sons on-site supervision and a host of talented sub contractors, your dream home becomes a one of a kind home.

A Ray Birch constructed Santa Fe home details 3 coat stucco, plastered walls with integrated color, unique ceiling treatments using vegas, saguaro ribs, latillas and pinyon poles.

We take pride in our relationship with our clients and our attention to detail. Our motto "we build homes not houses" describes the warmth and character built into a Birch Home.

Wall to Wall Custom Santa Fe...

If there is one axiom that best descibes Birch Construction, Inc. it may very well be, "Do one thing and do it well." Adhearing to this sentiment, they have taken the art of construction the Santa Fe–style home to a new level. Dedicated to the fact the Santa Fe is the “natural” style for Tucson and the surrounding area, they strive to make each home a unique example of this standardized theme.

“Some clients come in with their own plans,” Ray Birch, president of the company , explained, “but many more just opt to allow us to be creative and design their home for them. Our goal is not to build the home we want, but rather build the one the client wants.”

The reason for their success is the bond that they build with every client; a family–like bond that grows from the fact that Birch Construction is a family business, and not in name only.

A Family Affair...

Ray is assisted by his wife, Sheila, and sons Scott and Kevin. For “model home” purposes, they use the homes they live in, allowing potential clients to come in and tour. Because of their close client relationships, many former clients allow perspective clients to view their homes as well. Homes, of course, that feature the beauty of the Santa Fe design as reflected by saguaro ribs, vigas, latillas, niches, kivas, plastered walls, covered ceilings and even saguaro rib vent covers.

“We believe in living in the homes we build”, says Ray, “because it allows us to spot any potential design problems, and to see how we can make our homes even better.” This philosophy is illustrated by the number of clients who have chosen Birch Construction to build second, and even third times for them.

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